Who is targeted by the Program?

DICA wants to accelerate start-up teams from all phases, from the idea to the first few years after the foundation. What is important to us is

  • the link with the beverage industry of the start-up

in particular we are interested in

  • digitization
  • sustainability
  • social change
  • logistics
  • drink experiences
  • innovative drinks

Jérôme Hamacher
Phone: +49 (0) 89 550506-14

Current Start-ups at DICA-program

Philosoffee brings the international cold brew coffee trend to Germany. We create unique beverages based on 100% specialty coffee, always organic, always fair and clean label. You will taste the difference.

We are currently distributed across Germany in organic and conventional retail as well as HoReCa.

We created a sustainable straw that is an innovative alternative to common plastic-straws.

The material that we use for our product is biodegradable. Since our straws are completely made out of natural ingredients they`re also eatable.

Icenine is a completely new way of enjoying alcoholic drinks. It is a bite-sized icecube that is hollow inside and is filled with a cocktail or a shot. As alcohol has a lower freezing point than water, the inside of Icenine will stay liquid while the outside is frozen. The result is a unique taste experience. Icenine is enjoyed as a refreshing ice cube that explodes in your mouth after exactly nine seconds.

Kombuco Fizz is Munich‘s first Kombucha microbrewery.

Kombuco Fizz Kombucha is…
… gently fermented tea that does more for your wellbeing than just quenching your thirst.
… low sugar, tantalizingly tart and delightfully effervescent.
… the perfect alternative to alcohol for consumers with a refined palate.
… never pasteurized nor filtered for maximum flavour and impact.
… certified organic and hand made with love and only the best ingredients.
Our brand stands for:
Organically sourced, highest quality ingredients, saving the planet and a respectful and fun working environment.

KOLONNE NULL was founded in September 2018. The two founders, Moritz and Philip, share the vision to produce the finest non-alcoholic wines and sparkling wines and got recently awarded TOP 4 by Weinwelt magazine. KOLONNE NULL closely cooperates with a partner network of winemakers from Germany with the aim to produce de-alcoholized wine from premium wineries . In addition, two in house beverage engineers constantly work on the de-alcoholization.

MA-TEA ist the first long-lasting awakener which will keep you gently awake and relaxed at
the same time. Selected japanese matcha combined with refreshing fruit juices. Natural.
Organic. Vegan.

Kornwerk produces regional plant-based drinks in refundable glass bottles. It offers a unique ecological
alternative to similar drinks currently available on the market. In addition, it is a regional product that
promotes biodiversity.

BrandlBrandl® is Europes first mass customized Fitness-Shake. Via an interactive survey each and every athlete get their own individually mixed blend made of more than 35 scientifically chosen ingredients.